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Sunday, June 3, 2012

11 Tools assignment 2

11 tools Assignment 2
Talking points today. First lets look at some of the blogs I’ve selected. I’ll list them here and comment on them as I go.
Definitely a college level blog, interesting in the fact he has links other places and things like and there is a link to Microsoft’s site where the Feyhman lectures are located.
Fun site with a large variety of posts, including a Rant of Bad Physics Reporting. And example…
Harry Potter and Star Trek fans, rejoice! Teleportation is real. Using powerful lasers and optics to manipulate photons, or units of light, researchers in China set a record for teleporting a photon more than 10 miles, TIME reported in 2010.
This is a must see blog.
Another great site, visited by over 1 million people (or less if you count by identity rather than visits) in it’s six years of existence is:
An example of the fun stuff found there…
Tonight, we make soap.
Matt over at Sciencegeist is organizing this blog carnival in an effort to reclaim the word chemical from the hands of ignorant people who blindly assume anything with ‘chemicals’ in it must be evil. This is not a moment too soon.  I’m not exactly sure how the pendulum of public opinion swung from products being advertised as ‘Better living through chemistry’ to products being advertised as ‘chemical free’ (whatever that means). Soaps and other skin care/beauty products are certainly in the cross-hairs of the ‘chemical free’ crowd, but that’s not what I’m talking about today.
As the tallow renders, you skim off the layer of glycerin. If you were to add nitric acid, you got nitroglycerin.  If you were to add sodium nitrate and a dash of sawdust, you’d have dynamite
Did you know that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. He was so ashamed of himself for bringing the “destructive force” of dynamite into the world, and therefore into warfare, that he bequeathed all his earning from that invention into awarding a peace prize.
This is a fascinating site for everything Biology oriented. You can get lost for HOURS looking at all the stuff found here! There are not enough stars to give this one justice, I give it 5 out of 5 because Skyward doesn’t allow grades above 100% :p
The American Geophysical Union hosts a plethora (ooops, big word) … LOTS of blogs and earth and space science topics. Perfect for information for your NEW ESS classes [that’s Earth and Space Science] A person could get lost here for days going through all the information.

I learned about Diigo at the Virtual School Symposium last November. I think it’s a great way to find new sources of information that has already been tested by fellow teachers. With a google search, you get everything. You don’t know the relative merits of the site until you go there. A time saver is a Diigo shared bookmarks file where you can look for tested references. It’s a great time saver. You never know what you are going to find as some may not show up on your google search (because of mislabeling or they are 1893 pages back in the search and you’ll never see them.
I will continue to visit because of the variety of the posts and the information available. I will probably also look again at the All-Physics site because of the videos and interactive he has found. They are a great resource for me for my online classes.


  1. I love some of the things that you found. I happen to really like Feyhnam. I have read his books and really like Surely you are joking Mr. Feyhnam. It talks about his time at Los Alamos. It has some awesome physics in it. I will look at the physics site and I may be able to add some of it to my interactive websites list. Thanks,

  2. Robert,

    I like the links and the way you listed the information. I will examine the URL's and see what might be interesting, thanks.

  3. I like the AGU blog. There is alot of interesting information on it. It is amazing how these tools can allow us the opportunity to connect globally.

  4. I like the Biology Blogs. They are very helpful and contain the information about some good labs.