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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#10 - Digital Citizenship - It's the rules!

Since I am an online teacher, citizenship is paramount. My classes all include the SBISD digital policies that each student must read and agree to. Netiquette rules are posted for the students and are followed in Synchronous and Asynchronous discussions. Respect for each students ideas must be maintained. Students must be familiar with the Acceptable Use policy found in the course orientation and follow that policy.

Ed Tech has BYOD link that reminds us that the domain has a blog at that is available for teacher and student use. It would not be difficult to add this tool to any class.

A Live Chat concerning acceptable use could be scheduled for the courses. This could be done several times during the first week of the class, during a get to know each other type Live Chat. The teacher could put up a slide entitled “Acceptable Use” and have the students supply thoughts that could be written on the whiteboard in the chat.

Parents have access to the Orientation with their students and one of the assignments in the orientation which gets the students extra credit in their course is to have the parent send me an email from their work email (or other non-free public email address – IE not from yahoo or gmail.)

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