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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

11 Tools #4 Repost

I have been using Google Apps for about a year now. We use the share function to collaborate on forms we need to submit to TxVSN for course approvals. We are able to assist each other and it does save time.
I have an assignment in my IPC course that asks students to fill in a spreadsheet with their data, sharing with the others in their group. The google apps share capability allows students to almost automatically accomplish this task.
I did learn about the form tool, and I will use the form I created. It's a survey form for students to sign up for times for our Live Chat (Synchronous Discussion) assignments in their virtual classes. I look forward to using it this fall.

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  1. What about using the form tool for quizzes. The cool thing is that the answers will populate into a spreadsheet. Just be sure to require that the first question they answer is their name or student id. You can click to make it a required answer.