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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Web Tools for all - 11 Tools #5

OK, Google Apps. Great tool. I have one of my browsers set to view students submissions in G Apps. Handy when student uses off brand word processing... We use shared apps in the VHS to work up new course submissions for TxVSN and I can see a benefit for the online classes as well. I have one Lab in IPC that needs a shared spreadsheet and it would be really easy to use the G Apps shared file for this.

The form I created for the other part of this lesson is a survey form that students need to fill out so we can decide when to hold Live Chats (Synchronous Discussions) in my classes. I will be using it this fall.

Link to the Prezi:
just is case your video doesn't work or you are reading this on an ipad or iphone.
This Prezi I created to use inside the Promotional video I created for the Virtual High School. That video is 5 minutes long so I will not be posting it here. (Aren't ya glad???)

One not discussed in the assignment is Brainshark ( This tool allows you to narrate your ppt presentation. Here is my example of that. It is a student directions powerpoint teaching the student how to do a Gizmo lab from

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  1. I love prezi. Thanks for the tip about brainshark. I had not heard of that one before. Yahoo.