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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tool #3 of 11

OK, so I already embed videos in my online classes. I use a lot of video from These are embedded right in the courses. I also use as a hotlink for problem solving. I have the students upload videos of their projects and they provide me with the link to their videos as part of their assignments. is an example of one video used in Physics 1. Following the link will open a new box with the video.

I have used commercial video segments for educational use for a long time. I do know that it has to be not for profit use. I keep them as short as possible to avoid conflict.

Storage in the cloud is great. I have about 7 accounts of 50 GB and a couple of Dropbox accounts. My school dropbox is 4.75 GB. I have used them to store a lot of material. I used the share capability when I needed to have customer support at Moodlerooms look at my Angel container to see why it wasn't converting to moodle correctly. Since the container was too large to email, it was the perfect way to send the files.

And the bad news is, a account now comes with only 2 GB. I got in when they first opened up, last November! I registered every email I own for the 50 GB plan!


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  1. Smart man. Get in while the getting is good.